Cheap Gaming Setup Ideas for Gamers on a Shoestring Budget

Looking for cheap gaming set up ideas for your gaming room? That’s exactly what we’re here for!

For true blue gamers, nothing is better than a souped up gaming set up for hours of playtime! That doesn’t mean gamers on a limited budget can’t enjoy an awesome gaming set up too. The key to building an affordable gaming set up is to focus on the basics: the gaming console, the monitor, and the seating. Everything else, you can add or build once the budget allows. Are you ready to build a cool gaming lair that won’t cost a small fortune? Let’s get started!

Best Cheap Gaming Setup Ideas

Choose a Spot

Unless you have a specific room reserved for gaming, any comfortable spot near the TV can turn into a gaming lair. All you need is a little creativity to get started. You can set up your gaming lair in the living room, the study, or the bedroom if you live alone.

Choose a space with enough room for your essentials. Ideally, the spot should have a couple of electric outlet just so you don’t have to bother with multiple extension cords to hook everything. More importantly, the gaming area should be quiet so you can focus on saving your (virtual) village from murdering marauders.

Set Your Gaming Console

Once you have a nice spot for gaming, it’s time to get comfortable! Get your gaming console and start hooking it into the TV. If you don’t mind splurging a little, get a modest entertainment console or a TV stand so your beloved gaming console has some place to chill when not in use.

Entertainment consoles are inexpensive, especially those that do not have a lot of cabinets or storage space. You can get a budget TV stand at your nearest Target or Walmart. You can also shop online at for affordable TV stands in different materials and designs.

After assembling the gaming console onto the TV stand and hooking the gaming console into your TV, tidy up the wires to organize the space. Then, you can explore different seating options for your gaming lair.

Comfortable Seating

Most gamers dream of owning a La-Z-boy but this is a pretty expensive recliner. It’s not the best seating option for the budget conscious. If the gaming spot is set up in the living area, your sofa or couch will make a great seating option. 1) it’s already there 2) it’s cushy and 3) the height of the sofa is almost level with the TV. You won’t get a crick in your neck from playing too long.

But if the spot is stripped bare, you can use a bean bag or two to get comfortable. If you’re using bean bags, the TV or gaming monitor should remain at eye level when you sit down. This way, your neck muscles won’t stiffen from hours of gameplay.

If you have money to spare for the seats, a recliner is the perfect seating option. You can adjust the seat anyway you want. The cushions are nice and thick, perfect for comfortable gaming. Some recliners even come with cup holders for utmost convenience.


Lighting may sound boring but it does set the mood. The kind of lighting solutions you need will depend on your preferences. If you want to keep your gaming lair dark and moody, plug a solo lamp and turn off the rest of the lights. If you prefer a bright gaming set up, place more lamps in strategic places in the room to amp up the brightness!

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