Top 10 Best Skirmish Games

Looking for the best skirmish games? You came to the right place! Skirmish games are one-on-one war games in which the units represent weapon systems or single individuals. The gameplay involves local battles, conflicts, and scenarios that tell a story.

Confrontations are not straight up battles like traditional wargames. The scope of the game is kept in small or miniature level whereas war games require major battles all around. If you love these types of games, we’ve picked the best skirmish games you should check out:

Top 10 List: Best Skirmish Games

War of Ashes: Shieldbash

Join the fight against the Kuld menace! War of Ashes: Shieldbash is a skirmish game by ZombieSmith released in 2014. Instead of battling it out from the frontlines, the pieces fight in small encounters with no guarantee of a truce.

As a player, you need to fight for food caches, territories, and messages to send to your base. This is an action-packed miniature game that takes place in the War of Ashes setting. You get to battle it out with trolls, carnivorous plants, archers, and lizard-like entities. Game play is short at 30 to 45 minutes and the battles are always exciting.

Song of Blades and Heroes

Song of Blades and Heroes is a mini war game by Ganesha Games and released in 2012. This game features a set that can be played with model soldiers or fantasy figures. The rules are pretty simple and the battles are fun and fast. Each set comes with 180+ monsters and heroes.

As for the gameplay, you’ll roll a three six-sided dice or D6 dice to determine the outcome of every character’s actions. The game requires no bookkeeping and a point system. The miniatures are only activated one at a time, and the player has the choice to roll one, two, or three dice.

Imperial Harvest

Imperial Harvest is a 2015 fantasy game by Broomstick Monkey Games. The mission is simple, the Servants of the Imperial Court must harvest a magical fruit from the Emperor’s private gardens. But alas, the royal gardens are being looted by Raiders from the North. The thieving Raiders are keeping the fabled fruit for themselves!

In this game, players should develop territories and build armies to protect the fruit. A trio of champions is also tasked to protect the strawberry patch from looters. Each game has seven rounds, and each round takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Space Hulk 4th Edition

Space Hulk 4th edition is one of the best skirmish games we’ve ever played! This is a 2014 skirmish game by Games Workshop Ltd. This engaging sci-fi game takes place in the deepest recesses of space. An ancient vessel – known as a space hulk – is hurling straight to the Imperium of Mankind. And bad news, the space hulk is teeming with Genestealers in hibernation. In this game, players must stop the space hulk from slamming into the Imperium of Mankind and waking up the alien menace.

The game requires two players; one player will head the Space Marines and the other commands the Genestealers. The gameplay is fun and fast-paced, and the setting is grim, and cold, just like the hearts of the Genestealers. The series proved to be quite popular, and the fourth edition is highly anticipated among fans. This updated version comes with four extra missions as well as three mini-campaign packs.

Krosmaster: Arena

Krosmaster: Arena is a one on one tactical game with anime-like miniatures. Released in 2012 by Abysse Corp, this game is set in Hormonde, a peaceful world being attacked by the Hour demons. Warriors of all ages must battle it out to fight for their souls and become the ultimate champion.

Your mission is to create a powerful fighting force to win the battle and obliterate the enemies. And fighting the enemy doesn’t require brawn alone. You must create the best war tactics and combine your strategies with spells and other items to win the battle. We picked Krosmaster as one of the best skirmish games we’ve played because of the high octane battles! The quality miniatures and mind-boggling twists will keep you at the edge of your seat.


Incursion is a 2009 miniature game by Grindhouse Games. In this game, armored US commandos and UK’s MI-13 must band together to shut down the diabolical Doomsday Device. The device is guarded by German and Spanish troops in an ancient fort.

The troops and stalwart commandos must infiltrate the fort and destroy the Doomsday Device for good.  The players must also defeat the enemy hell bent on deploying the device.

Incursion requires two players, and each one is given different tactical options to overcome every challenge. The mechanics of the game are simple, and the gameplay is tense and fast-paced.  The set includes a unique deck of cards as well as 30 mm metal miniatures. These miniatures can be used in the games of Secrets of the Third Reich.


A list of best skirmish games is not complete without the wildly popular Frostgrave, a fantasy game by HT Publishers and Osprey Games. The game takes place in the icy ruins of an ancient empire. Wizards must use their magical powers to uncover the treasures under the ruins. They must build their respective followers to outplay the competition.

Each player takes on the role of a wizard from any of the game’s ten schools of magic. Each wizard must build his band of followers, including apprentice and henchmen to enhance their influence. As the game progresses, each wizard must extend his magical knowledge to uncover the hidden treasures of the Frozen City. Frostgrave offers limitless adventures and cool miniatures to up the ante. Players can learn up to 80 magic spells that will take them closer to the forgotten bounty.

Halo: Fleet Battles – The Fall of Reach

Halo: Fleet Battles – The Fall of Reach is a tactical game released in 2015 by Spartan Games. This is one of the best skirmish games for sci-fi fans as the battle takes place in a fortified human colony called Reach. The game takes place as the Reach colony collapses due to relentless attacks by the Covenant armada. Your mission is to command stalwart forces against the deadly Armada warships.

We love Halo: Fleet Battles for its non-stop action and tactically rich gaming experience. This is a great game for Halo fans too!

Star Wars Armada

One of the latest skirmish games from the Star Wars series is the Armada. Released in 2015, Armada puts the fate of the galaxy in your hand. In the game, you take on the role of a fleet admiral that’s serving either the Rebel Alliance or the Imperial Navy. You’ll secretly build and head a fleet of battleships and engage the enemy using the game’s maneuver tools. This is a real treat for Star Wars fans because of the highly detailed miniatures, including X-wing starfighters and TIEs!

What’s unique about the game is that any ship could change the course of the battle. That’s because every capital ship has its command value. Each time a round ends, you’ll secretly select and delegate a new command to your ship to gain the upper hand in the battle.

Kings of War

Rounding up our list of the best skirmish games you need to check out is the Kings of War. This is a 2010 war game developed by Mantic Games. This game boasts of an innovative concept for miniature war gaming! The mechanics are simple, and each round takes minutes to complete, perfect for players who want a quick game to pass the time.

Kings of War is a battle of wit; you have to develop the best strategies to eliminate the enemies. You’ll lead a group of miniature soldiers around the battlefield to win the game. But that’s not all; you’ll use a time-keeping tool to time every move. The timed moves add a level of tenseness and excitement to every round.

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