How to Make the Most of DOTA 2 Games

DOTA 2 is a great game, but it can sometimes be spoiled by gamers who just seem bent on making something that should be fun an unpleasant and painful experience. The good news is that Valve is aware of this and took several steps to help improve games and reduce the number of griefers. In addition to the ability to report players, Valve also increased the number of servers and added a language filter option. Using these new additions and a few other tips I mention below, you can help avoid griefers and make playing DOTA 2 fun and exciting.

The first thing you should do to avoid troublemakers is set the language option of the game. Valve recently introduced the ability to choose English, Russian or Chinese. The logic behind this is that players “should” pick a language they can understand and communicate in. So, if you can’t speak Russian or Chinese, then be sure you don’t select them. The downside to this is that there are many languages not listed, so you will still find players who can’t speak English, Russian or Chinese in games and you are unable to communicate with them.

To overcome the language barrier problem Valve also introduced what they call a chat wheel. The default button to access this is “Y”. The chat wheel has basic commands like missing top and careful which you would commonly want to use to help gank and organize team fights. The beauty of this chat wheel is that DOTA 2 is available in many languages, so even if you are running the English version, the chat command you pick will be displayed in whatever language your teammates are using. This means there is no language barrier while using the chat wheel. This is immensely useful in helping players from different countries communicate while playing.

Another way you can improve your DOTA 2 games is to only select servers that are geographically close to where you live. If you live in North American, then be sure to only select US or West European servers. Doing this has two added benefits. The first is that picking a server close to where you live will reduce your lag. Picking a server too far away means there will be a high level of delay while playing. This can affect everything from simply moving your character to using abilities and spells while fighting. The lower your lag the better. Second, picking a server that is close to where you live increases your chances of playing with others who speak the same language. If you live in Australia, then picking a server located in China will most likely see you matched with players who may not be able to speak English. Pick servers in your country if possible to increase your chances of being matched with players you can communicate with.

Finally, the best way you can improve your gaming experience is to play with friends. Make sure you send friend requests to anyone you enjoy playing with. If you are unable to find anyone while playing that you would like to add as a friend, then try browsing the Valve DOTA 2 forums. There are literally hundreds, of not thousands, of players just like you that are looking for other DOTA 2 players to play with. Playing with friends is probably the BEST way to enjoy DOTA. It reduces the problem of not being able to communicate in game and increases your chances of winning as friends typically pick heroes that work well together as a group.

Using the above tips should help make DOTA 2 fun and exciting, while at the same time reducing your chances of meeting abusive or unfriendly players. However, if you do ever meet players in game who are extremely offensive or spoil the game by deliberately revealing their or your position to the enemy, remember that Valve has a report function you can use. Simply click on the player’s name and then choose report player. Next, pick the category that best matches their offense, provide a brief description and then submit it. Submitting DOTA 2 player reports helps make the game better because repeat offenders will find their accounts banned and they will no longer be able to play and spoil games for other.

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