League of Legends Review

League of Legends is the remake of the Defence of the Ancients also known as DOTA. It is a famous custom map setting in Warcraft 3 that has been widely popular since its release. The creators of DOTA decided to tweak the game to make it even more exciting and intense. What is so special about the game? It is absolutely downloadable for free! Yes, zero dimes spent.

Not every day that you’ll get a very exhilarating online game for free, so League of Legends is a treat for every online gamer.

What is so Exciting about League of Legends

Its design is undeniably catchy. The visuals are appealing and the game has 78 champions to choose from. There are only 10 champions per week and if you want to unlock them, you will have to spend massive influence points. You will know how to get massive points later.

Fundamentals of League of Legends

The ultimate goal of the game is to let you control any character champion you hose by utilizing strengths and abilities. To become an effective player, you have to fight past way hordes of pawning troops (also called as creep) and to destroy the enemy base.

The most thrilling part of the game for me is the gearing up of your champion. It is very imperative to have an access to all of the hottest gears available because you do not know when you’ll be attacked. In order to increase your character’s mana, strength, health, etc you will need gold, lots of it; and what is the most effective way in order to gain gold? It is by killing creep or enemy champions.

League of Legends Ways to Victory

There are two ways in order to become victorious in the League of Legends. You can focus on killing creep or enemy champions while accumulating gold at the same time or by rather focusing on killing enemy champions. I recommend executing the first one because battling other champions will never be easy. You have to be well – equipped of the necessary gears, and it requires gold to do that.

NOTE: You should be mindful of your win – loss records as it will determine your €influence points€ which you can use to unlock characters or skins.

The Only Flaw of League of Legends

Overall, the only flaw I can see with the League of Legends is the lack of maps. There are available maps for the 3v3 and 5v5. However for 1v1, 2v2 and 4v4, there’s none. Anyway, I think for a free online game, it is too much to ask so I won’t complain anymore. Let us move on to the ratings of the game as a whole.

League of Legends Ratings

Graphics: 7 out of 10. The visuals of the game are quite cartoonish and it is appealing for me.

GAMEPLAY: 8 out of 10. The game is a remake of DOTA which means it exceeded DOTA in all aspect!

AUDIO: 7 out of 10. The stimulating sound effects of the game made it even more thrilling!

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