Tips on how to Successfully Push Towers A DOTA Guide for Pushing Towers

Did you ever wonder how the expert players proficiently push towers? Many people still don’t know the best and most effective way in pushing lanes. Some people also believe that they’re definitely good enough that they won’t even make an effort to study any guide but that’s their huge mistake. I’m similar to them before however when I tried to read through enthusiast made guides, I realized that there are actually stuffs that still I don’t know in pushing towers. Some of the ways I learned by studying, making some experimental strategies and with the assistance of several guides, allow me to share the following:

Keep Pressuring the Opponent

You could pressure them by pushing a lane with a teammate on a lane as well as the other teammates on the other. This is a good way to push tower because people usually protect their towers however they can’t because if you currently have a complete set of item, they will not fight for their tower simply because they’re gonna be killed when they goes there. It’s always best to use the push-and-back out tactic in order to avoid your character from dying.

Avoid Greed for Gold

Avoid moving beyond the tower just to destroy a guarding hero simply because instead of your opponent being killed, it has a great possibility of eliminating your character since the tower is actually defending by fighting the players close to it. It’s best to take control of your greed for gold and be sure that you’ll still have enough hp if you try to kill a defending hero.

Blocking Creeps

Stopping opponent creeps will enable your allied creeps to attack towers with complete hp. Allied creeps can easily push towers if there are no protecting creeps near it. Do your best to slow up the enemy creeps for as long as you could or get rid of them out as quickly as possible.

Check the Respawn Timer

After the team clash or a effective kill, you have to frequently look into the respawn timer when you are planning to push a tower. If you did not check it and you also didn’t know that their hero was respawned, then it can lead to big disadvantage of your team. Since you and also your team have a low hp and mp from the team clash, you can be effortlessly slain and the opponent can certainly create a strategy to eliminate everybody. It is important to back out if you already know that the opponent heroes were revived.

Outnumbering the Enemy

Outnumbering the enemy isn’t always an advantage for you as well as your team. You should have an understanding of their character and predict the things that they will do, and what are the possible ability combinations they can do to get rid of you. You need to wait for your teammates in order for you to push a tower to decrease the chance of your hero from dying.

Putting Observer Wards

Observer Wards are certainly essential to the game because it provides you with a great vision advantage on those fogged areas. With this, you will be given 1600 area vision around the location where you put the observer wards. It’s a good device for tracking the enemies down or for you to run if you feel you will definitely be killed if you remain in that area.

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