Hints in playing Defence of the Ancients or DOTA

Below are some of my tips for playing DOTA:

Tip 1 Farming for Gold At the beginning of the Game

Farming early in the game is an efficient way to get core items quicker. The more gold you can get, the sooner it will be for your hero to become strong. Get gold as soon as possible to get an advantage from your enemies. Remember that no matter how much gap is there on your level, if you ever already have your core items, then it could be harder for the other group to win the game.

Tip 2 Last hit or Getting a Kill

Most new participants have trouble getting a last hit or getting a kill and I was like that before. Try pressing/holding the ALT Key to be able to begin to see the life line of the creeps, heroes, buildings and etc. If ever the health bars already are small enough and you also think you can destroy it in one strike, approach it and after that attack. Last hitting provides you with gold plus additional experience to your hero. This is also another way of staying away from range of the opposite group.

Tip 3 Team Play

You must be able to work together with your group with the idea to eliminate all enemies or win the game. You have to adjust yourself to make sure that everything may go smoothly. When trying to eliminate an opponent or foes, try suggesting or paying attention to your group with regards to the strategy you might use. Be sure that everyone will cooperate so your technique will totally work.

Tip 4 Item Build for your Hero

Item build for hero is very important. Don’t waste your gold on stuffs that you don’t need. Try reading through some guides so that you can be aware of appropriate item builds for one specified hero. All the items could make your hero tougher and maximize its survivability.

Tip 5 Hotkeys for Skills

Hotkeys are certainly valuable in playing the game. As an alternative to clicking each and every ability, you just need to press a key through your keyboard then your skill is casted. Try hovering your cursor to the ability symbol, there you will notice a pop-up brief description about that ability including the mana cost, cool down, along with the name, notice that the name of the skill carries a character that has a different color, that’ll be the keyboard shortcut for your ability. Since team clashes only last for secs, this could help you save time to help you use all your skills in just a blink of an eye. Begin to get good at timing and skill keys for every hero to be able to play better.

Tip 6 Keep Training

People who are worldly recognized in playing DOTA didn’t start as skilled in playing the game. They keep practicing everyday or every night. They also look at some guides and study them to enable them to enhance their capabilities and correct their mistakes.

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